When two modern-day Roman Gladiators collide.

When two modern-day Roman Gladiators collide.


 Greater Glory Goods proudly supports Middleweight boxing champion Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin (AKA "Triple G" or "GGG") in tomorrow night's bout against Saul Alaverez (AKA "Canelo").

  In their first fight on September 16, 2017, both fighters hammered it out to a controversial draw. Most fans, boxing commentators, and experts alike felt GGG won the decision with a close but comfortable lead. With boxing having a history of corruption, it's no coincidence that the one judge scoring for Canelo had Canelo winning all but one round. It's unfortunate that boxing has become a business, rather than a glorious spectacle of fisticuffs where the best man utilizing his skills the most, wins the contest. To further soil Canelo's reputation with being the real loser of the bout, the rematch was originally set for May 5 but became delayed due to Canelo failing two random drug tests on Feb. 17 and 20 of this year.

  As far as areas of improvement, GGG has been criticized for not using his devastating body blows early in their first fight, as he has ended previous fights by unleashing vicious body blows upon his former opponents. If he does make it a point to go to the body early in the rematch, it could be a long night for Canelo, and a short one for GGG. Canelo on the other hand, despite being the younger fighter, has been criticized for having cardio issues. In retrospect, Canelo seemed to have taken the middle rounds off in their first fight.  To run out of steam against a powerful advisory in GGG would prove disastrous in their rematch.

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin "GGG" or "Triple G"   Who will win? With 8 years of youth on his side, some say the 28 year-old Canelo will outpoint the 36 year-old veteran GGG. Indeed, in a sport where a fighter can turn "old" overnight, age could prove a factor in their rematch. Others say that GGG should win again, and if it should go the distance, GGG would win the decision so long as the judges are impartial this time around. One thing is certain: we should expect another explosive and exciting match by two of the biggest names in the sport of boxing.



Fun Fact: Gennady or "GGG" coincidentally shares the same acronym as our company Greater Glory Goods.
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