Welcome to GreaterGloryGoods.com!
Welcome to GreaterGloryGoods.com!
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About Us


Are you on the lookout for unique and hard-to-find accessories that would add a touch of sophistication to your final look? Are you tired of seeing the same items and designs over and over again? Want to be affiliated with a brand that represents so much more? If yes, your search ends here.

Welcome to Greater Glory Goods.

Who We Are

Greater Glory Goods is a family-owned business that was created with the aim of providing uniquely designed items to its customers. You would find that not only are our products durable and aesthetically pleasing, they are also affordable. Hence, we help you look your best at almost no cost at all.

We came into existence because we understand that it’s important to revere and celebrate history so that we may preserve the future- not only do we place emphasis on quality, but we are also green conscious and environmentally friendly.

Our Goal.

The Greater Glory Goods' mission is basically to provide unique and hard-to-find quality items reflecting more on the past (history, art, culture, civilization, military, political, etc.) and less on the present and future. Our products and brand in general serve as a reminder of the glory days- helping us to not only reflect on them but realize that every day including today can be a glory day too.

Our brand stands for creativity, confidence, culture and class. Wherever you find us, you will see that Greater Glory Goods is a quality brand that continues to grow because of loyal customers like you.

Our Products

A lot of our items' designs are unique so you can confidently walk out the door knowing you stand out with our Roman Eagle and different fasces lapel pins. We stand 100% by our products so order with confidence! 

Welcome once again. We look forward to serving you!  Please see some of our customer's feedback on Etsy and Amazon:


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Wherever you find us, you'll see that Greater Glory Goods is a quality brand that continues to grow because of loyal customers like you!