Frequently Asked Questions

Domestic Shipping

1. How much is shipping in the United States?   

Shipping with tracking is generally $3.75 anywhere in the continental U.S. (up to 8 ounces).  The price for larger orders increases incrementally based on weight.   

International Shipping

1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes!  We ship World-wide to most countries.    

2. How are international shipping rates calculated? 

They are based on the country or region where you live; the weight of your order and whether your order has thickness.  For example, a patch would be the cheapest to ship as a single patch is flat and can be sent in a letter/envelope.   Pins or more than one patch ordered has thickness and costs more because they are "non-machinable" and considered "small parcel" which requires more handling.   However, the more items you buy, (up to 8 ounces, for example) has the same price as buying one item.   

Example: A customer in France orders a pin and sees that his shipping cost is $14.78 which costs more than the pin itself.  If he adds more pins for a total of 6 pins, for example, his shipping cost stays the same at $14.78 since his order is within the weight limit of a small parcel (up to 8 ounces).  Thus, the more you buy, the more you save. 

3. How do I know if my order will exceed 8 ounces?

Generally, we can fit 5 to 7 light items with packaging to stay under 8 ounces to keep the small parcel price.  Once you go over 8 ounces then the shipping price automatically goes up to the next tier.  Some items weigh more than others (for example, patches are lighter than pins, but pins are lighter than coins).  You can experiment with the bulk shipping cost by adding and removing items in your cart to see the different shipping calculations. 

Other FAQ

5.  Do you offer bulk pricing? 

Yes, depending on the product and its' availability.

Please request a bulk price quote through our "contact us" page, indicating the product(s) and quantities desired.