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Anti-European Union (E.U.) Embroidered Patch

Anti-European Union (E.U.) Embroidered Patch

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Anti-E.U. Embroidered Patch

This Anti-European Union patch features the E.U. circle of stars crossed out.  The circle of stars is supposed to represent the unity and harmony of the European peoples.  But it is a symbol of disunity as the E.U. and its’ policies are aimed to crush the culture and sovereignty of individual European nations.   More recently the E.U. has taken political and punitive action against Hungary and Poland for defying the E.U.’s  globalist mass immigration policy.  It is also trying to punish the United Kingdom after the free people of the U.K. voted for Brexit (taking Britain out of the E.U.). 

  • HIGH QUALITY - The embroidered patch is stitched with the highest quality of thread.  It is heat-sealed and is perfect for sewing or ironing on your clothing!
  • PATCH DIMENSIONS - The patch is 3" inches in diameter.
  • UNIQUE - Express your disdain for European Union corruption!
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Our patches are backed by a 30 Day money back guarantee to ensure your total satisfaction.


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