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Hat - Roman Eagle & SPQR patch - Roman Senate and People.

Hat - Roman Eagle & SPQR patch - Roman Senate and People.

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This hat displays a Roman Eagle clutching the Fasces and arrows with wreath and SPQR lettering -- all to symbolize and represent the power and glory of the Roman Senate and its' people.

Product Highlights:

  • GLORIOUS ROMAN EAGLE SYMBOLISM - The Roman Eagle, fasces, arrows, wreath, and SPQR are unique symbols of ancient Rome, the Roman court and magistrate.
  • PVC PATCH W/ HOOK & LOOP - High quality and durable PVC with hook and loop fasteners -- perfect for affixing to tactical clothing with hook and loop material.
  • PATCH DIMENSIONS - The patch is 3" in height x 2" in width and can be detached.
  • TWO HAT COLOR OPTIONS: Black or Woodland Green 
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - Our products are backed by a 30 Day money back guarantee to ensure your total satisfaction.
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