Ottoman Empire Elite Janissary Corps Brooch, Broach, Pin.
Example of Turkish/Islamic Janissary soldier pin on polo t-shirt.
Ottoman Empire Elite Janissary Corps Archive Picture/Pic.
Ottoman Empire Elite Janissary Corps Archive Picture/Pic #2
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Ottoman Empire Elite Janissary/Islamic Warrior Pin

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Pin featuring the Ottoman Empire’s elite Janissary warrior.  This Janissary pin is based on an illustration from French illustrator Nicolas de Nicolay, whose famous art captured the daily lives of the Turkish Janissary after his visit to Istanbul (formerly Constantinople under the Byzantine Empire before the Ottoman Turks conquered the city in 1453 and renamed it Istanbul) in the 16th century.

The pin is 2″ inches in height and displays the often colorful uniform of the elite Janissary soldier, along with his sword, rifle, etc.  It is made with a durable Zinc alloy die casting with nickel plating.  The pins are high quality and sealed with a thin epoxy to protect the colors and give it a nice shine.


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