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Roman Eagle with Fasces Pin/Italian Fascist Pin

Roman Eagle with Fasces Pin/Italian Fascist Pin

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Brand New Roman Eagle grasping Fasces Pin: This pin was used in ancient Rome where Eagles and the Fasces symbol were displayed as symbols of power and authority. The Fasces derived from the Etruscan civilization, discovered by the Romans in an Etruscan tomb after a Roman invasion. The Fasces features a bundle of rods or sticks tied around an ax. The rods represent unity and the ax represents the strength that comes from unity. The sticks or rods individually can be broken, but together as a whole, they are strong and impenetrable. This symbol was later adopted by Mussolini's Fascist Italy as they sought to recreate the Italia-Roma Empire.

Product Dimensions: 3" in width x 2.8" height x 0.6" in-depth. It is made of a solid lightweight die-cast metal. Very durable and perfect to wear on all kinds of clothing.

Color: Available in Antique Silver or Antique Gold (Use drop-down menu).


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